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Jordan Dunn Personal Trainer Hamilton Customer Testimonials

With many clients coming through the hands of Jordan Dunn Personal Training and getting the results they wanted following Jordans moto 'Get Fit, Get Focussed!' here is what some of our clients had to say...

Stephen Gallagher

Target: Weight Loss and Personal Health

"I have trained with Jordan since 2011 and he is a highly professional trainer with exciting new ideas. I have a bad football injury on my knee and Jordan has provided a healthy eating plan and exercise regime that has helped me shed weight whilst recognising my inability to run at the moment. I am preparing for a knee surgery and need to get weight off.

Jordan's routines are varied and provide a really interesting blend from 1:1 boxing coaching, weights, cardio, High intensity training to group circuits for mixed ability. I would highly recommend Jordan Dunn for anyone considering getting fit, getting fitter and loosing weight. If I can loss 4 stone anyone can!


Alex McCartney

Target: Weight Loss and Strength Training

"I started training with Jordan Dunn 5 weeks ago he is the best trainer I've ever worked with in any gym I've attended, his classes are really intense but fun at the same time. He has made me feel more than welcome we are now working together on 1 to 1 sessions concentrating on strengthening my upper body which again has been first class giving me nutritional advice also which I feel is giving me the energy I need to power through these double sessions just to round off I would recommend Jordan Dunn personal training to anyone who wants to change themselves it made me happier & healthier loving training at the moment."


Lynne Reardon

Target: Weight Loss and Personal Health

"I joined As in September 13 during a deal to promote the new Azurra Fitness studio within the gym. My aim was to improve my fitness and try to lose some of the weight I had piled on during a recent illness.

Also during this time I went to Xplosion classes which the gym were introducing Jordan Dunn took most of these classes and when he was showing us the circuits that we would be doing made them look easy. Believe me they were no such thing.

I decided (something I never thought I would do) that as part of my Christmas that my husband buy me 11 PT sessions. I asked  (due to Jordan doing most of the Xplosion classes) if he could be my PT instructor. Jordan took me for the majority of my PT sessions and during this time I found him to be motivating and prepared to push me toward my fitness goals, thanks to jordan I’m finally feeling fit and healthy."

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