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Health & Nutritional Advice from Jordan Dunn

The golden rule of any fitness programme or lifestyle is that nutrition is king. Poor recovery between workouts can usually be traced to a lack of nutritional support. Muscle fatigue during a workout is normal; waking up and feeling like your body took a beating is not.

Without a proper nutrition regimen to complement your active lifestyle, you could be wasting your efforts, seeing the slowest, or non-existent progress or worse - putting your entire body at risk for a bevy of dysfunction, including injuries, hormonal imbalances and adrenal fatigue.

At Jordan Dunn Personal Training we understand this and offer guidance on healthy eating. Being passionate about nutrition for over 3 years, Jordan has studied what it really takes to get your body into the shape you have only dreamt of. You will be asked to keep track of your eating through a food diary which will be closely monitored throughout your programme.

Through keeping track of your eating this will allow Jordan to identify the key areas to speed up your metabolism which will enable your body to burn fat while allowing you to feel fit and healthy.

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