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Jordan Dunn Personal Training Hamilton

Jordan Dunn is the Owner and Head coach of Jordan Dunn Personal Training. He trains a wide range of clients with goals ranging from fat loss, strength, rehabilitation and athletic development. With a thorough understanding of the technical and theoretical components involved in training, he helps clients achieve their goals across these areas.

Jordan is passionate about leading by example and loves to practice what he preaches. He has a no nonsense approach to training and only uses methods that have shown excellent results. Jordan places a large focus on technical proficiency and ensuring clients move correctly and demonstrate excellent form. To give the best possible service to the people he works with Jordan has tried to create a feeling of so much more than just “going to the gym”. creating a place where members can come and be educated. He seeks to provide a positive, goal orientated, safe and non-intimidating training environment where people can come to destress and ‘switch off’ from their everyday worries.

55 Clydedale Street, Hamilton, Glasgow Scotland ML3 0DD

Get in Touch: 07858 984 592